UNIFYING SPUR: Bentley presents Flying Spur one-off!

Bentley Motors today announced more details on its diversity and inclusion strategy. As the European Month of Diversity draws to a close and the Gay Pride celebrations begin all over the world, this company focus is embodied by a uniquely designed Flying Spur. The 101-year-old company is undergoing unprecedented change on its way to a climate-friendly future. Since Bentley understands the fundamental importance of different experiences and perspectives in promoting creativity and innovation, the company wants to become the luxury car manufacturer with the greatest diversity of personnel. To this end, it has set itself the goal of increasing the level of diversity in management to 2025 percent by 30.

Flying Spur one-of-a-kind!

Bentley’s five-step strategy focuses on outreach, recruitment, succession planning, corporate culture and personal development. When recruiting young professionals, there is an above-average use of intermediaries with a diverse applicant structure, while new talent pools are tapped when recruiting experienced employees. Succession planning is subject to a review so that all talents with diverse backgrounds in the company are identified at an early stage and promoted accordingly.

Development programs ensure that colleagues from all walks of life can develop themselves further and realize their full potential. This is underpinned by measurable key figures and goals as well as a dialogue initiated by the management board, with which a positive corporate culture is to be promoted and unconscious prejudices to be dispelled. The recently created peer-to-peer networking groups will also help foster dialogue within the company through a series of strategic events and activities.

With the launch of the strategy, Bentley’s design team was given the task of creating an automotive work of art that celebrates diversity in all its forms. The designer Rich Morris, who creates paintings and sculptures in his spare time, was up to the task and created a work of art on four wheels with the nine colors of the rainbow flag. Its design connects the words “Love is Love” with a single, uninterrupted line that traces faces, dancing figures and shapes – as a symbol for the unifying power of humanity, regardless of race, belief or sexuality. The Unifying track will be presented to colleagues at Bentley’s factory in Crewe before a program of external activities begins in the coming months.

Dr. Astrid Fontaine, Bentley Board Member for Human Resources, Digitization and IT, explains: We know that diversity drives success. It brings a wider range of experience and creativity and through integration enables closer collaboration on business strategy, innovation and decision-making. In addition, our company should reflect our global customer base. And above all, we want everyone to work in an environment in which everyone feels safe, can bring their true self to work and is valued for their personality and skills.

Therefore, diversity and inclusion are of enormous importance to us. As part of our Beyond100 program, we have therefore set ourselves the goal of becoming the luxury car manufacturer with the greatest diversity of personnel. For us this means: We have to ensure that colleagues from all walks of life are represented in our management structure.

This goes hand in hand with our self-image that a diverse and integrative corporate culture in which everyone can fully exploit their potential will contribute to the success of our company for the next hundred years.“”With the presentation of the Unifying Spur, the associated internal activities and the external events planned for 2021, we want to celebrate the individual talents and idiosyncrasies that make us all unique. At the same time, we want to emphasize the central issues that connect us and bring us together.

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