Send 20 inch Cor.Speed ​​Kharma on the Ferrari California!

Anyone who drives a Ferrari in most regions of the world can be quite sure that they will not meet a second driver with a car of the same brand so quickly and often. In other words: The series of the Italian sports car manufacturer from Maranello are really rare and enjoy true exotic status, this even applies to the “entry-level models” California or its current successor Portofino and the Coupé Roma. So do you have to modify and refine such cars further? No, certainly not. Can you still do it? Yes! This California on a set of high-quality Cor.Speed ​​Sports Wheels proves that the result can look extremely convincing.

The Swiss specialists at Aerotechnik Fahrzeugzeile AG from Stein am Rhein, which borders Lake Constance and Germany, installed a set of Cor.Speed ​​Kharma rims on the axles of the hardtop convertible. The flowforming wheels with a high-gloss bronze brushed finish appear to have been milled from one piece and measure 9 × 20 inches ET35 on the front axle and 10,5 × 20 inches ET40 on the rear. The associated tires measure 245 / 35ZR20 and 285 / 35ZR20 and their precise alignment on the wheel arch edges is thanks to the use of five millimeter thick spacers at the front and ten millimeters at the rear.

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