Yesterday it was a party at Toyota . That’s when the three millionth hybrid in Europe was delivered. The keys to the Corolla were handed over by the CEO of Toyota Spain. 

The customer chose the Corolla because of the low CO 2 emissions from the car. With a more polluting car you can no longer enter cities such as Barcelona and Madrid. Difficult when you live or work in one of the cities.

The three millionth hybrid Toyota in Europe

It all started in 1997

Toyota introduced their first hybrid back in 1997. That was the first generation Prius. Initially, the Prius was only sold in Japan. Three years later, in 2000, the Prius was introduced in Europe. 

Meanwhile, the Prius is no longer the only hybrid model. The Corolla, Yaris, CH-R, RAV4 and Camry also have a hybrid powertrain. The Yaris Cross will be added next year. 

Toyota cleanest car brand in Europe *

The rules regarding emissions are becoming increasingly strict. The CO 2 emissions must go down. This year and next year, cars will have to emit an average of 95 grams or less of CO 2 per kilometer. If you end up higher, there will be hefty fines. 

The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is kind to nature

Toyota is almost there. In 2019, a Toyota emitted an average of 97.5 grams of CO 2 . This makes them the cleanest car brand in Europe. Citroen is in second place with 106.5 grams. Peugeot closes the top three with an average emission of 108.2 grams.


Cars are getting cleaner, but we also buy heavier cars. And they are again unnecessarily polluting. The so-called SUV or crossover has been extremely popular for years. 

The Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid is coming next year

But those cars are not bought for the extra space. They usually don’t have them. For example, a Toyota CH-R is no more spacious than a Corolla. But it is heavier and emits more CO 2 .

Fortunately, more and more fully electric SUVs are on the market. The perfect combination for those who like to sit higher.

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