A rare copy of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Racing edition was stolen on July 9. The copy of which only 10 were built, is the only one in Italy. The car thieves decided that the car looked better outside the showroom, and broke the windows of a dealer in Pieve Modolena.

Racing Editions of Alfa Romeo

Gone in 60 seconds

The tragic story probably originated from the criminal world. Where one of these rare Alfa’s is presumably obtained on commission (on request). The perpetrators would have been watching the Alfa Romeo for this action for several weeks. To reach the Stelvio, the perpetrators only needed a few minutes to break the glass. Then two cars were put aside before the rare Racing could be moved. It is clear that they were well prepared for the job, because no fingerprints were found. The CCTV cameras also do not show images of the daring escape and the evidence is therefore scarce. The car was probably then loaded into a trailer and taken. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Racing was for sale for € 199,000, – but will probably end up in a private collection, according to the property manager. This makes the chance that the model will ever be seen on the road very small.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Racing edition

In addition to the special name, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Racing can also be called a special car. The fast SUV has been developed to celebrate Alfa Romeo’s return to Formula 1. With its carbon brakes and Akrapovič exhaust, the Stelvio Racing produces 520 hp and a 0-100 time of less than 4 seconds. The special color scheme was taken directly from the Alfa Romeo C38 with which the Formula 1 team finished eighth in 2019.

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