The MG ZS is a very popular car in the Netherlands and also on our website. This is proven by the fact that last year ‘s driving test of the MG ZS EV and this year ‘s extensive MG ZS driving test are still one of the most popular items this month. MG hopes to continue this success by giving the ZS a facelift.

Electric evolution

The new MG front

That the MG ZS EV is popular in the Netherlands is of course due to the low price. Including the subsidy scheme , the amount of the ZS comes to around € 27,000 (at this time the importer also gives an extra € 4,000 extra discount ). Now a facelift has just been introduced for the British petrol version to refresh the model. For now there is no information about the electric version, but assume that most of these changes will be adopted. The biggest changes to the front are found in the grille, which now has the well-known hexagon pattern. In addition, the headlights have a different shape and a large LED element has been added. It may be the color, but the front could almost be confused with a Ford.

Interior renewed MG ZS

A 10.1 inch touchscreen instead of 8 inch

Inside the ZS, the interior has been refined by removing various buttons in the center console for a clean look. The 8 inch touchscreen has also been replaced for a 10.1 inch model. This adjustment, in combination with a more pleasant position of the screen, will significantly improve ergonomics. Under the screen, the conventional buttons have also been replaced by a pair of floating piano keys.


Battersea Blue

The ZS has received a thorough update with these adjustments and looks a lot more modern. The somewhat unique yet inexpensive-looking rims have also been replaced immediately. As a bonus, the ZS is now also available in a new color, called Battersea Blue. The facelifted petrol model can now be ordered for people in Great Britain. It is not yet known when the changes will be implemented on the electric model.

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