The American Lucid Motors will present its competitor for the Tesla Model S, the Lucid Air on September 9. The still relatively unknown brand has set its sights on taking over a market where Tesla is still lord and master, the electric. With the Lucid Air, a clear signal is sent that the electric sedan is not just a “Tesla trick”. Something that Rivian already did in the pick-up / SUV sector.

832 kilometers range for Lucid Air

The most impressive fact that we can give at the moment of the Lucid Air is the range. With 832 kilometers, the Air is quite a step ahead of its competition. In comparison, the Model S Long Range Plus is “only” 643 kilometers away. However, the range of the Tesla has already been achieved in the real world via the EPA test. Lucid is confident in their software predictions, however, and we should not doubt this. The brand has been developing and producing batteries and engines for vehicles since 2007.

A long way to go

Go, go gadget

As befits an electric start-up, the Lucid Air is packed with gadgets. For example, the dashboard consists of a small wall of screens on which, among other things, the instrument cluster can be seen. In the center console we find a screen the size of a large tablet. It will predominantly be possible to operate the multimedia system, which can also be used via voice control. Lucid reports that the system is designed to pick up the commands in a natural way. The sensor is also adjusted in such a way that all passengers can vent and be heard clearly.

Screens as far as the eye can see

The rear passengers also get their own screen, sort of … If the optional executive rear seating option is chosen, the rear seat changes to a first class ticket with Lucid Air. In addition to a significant increase in legroom and seats, the Air also gets a center armrest with screen. It can be operated by both passengers to operate the various functions of the executive seats.

Seats ready for landing

Powerful Lucid Air performance

The Lucid Air will not only try to convince potential buyers with luxury and legroom. Because if Tesla makes its cars fast, Lucid makes them even faster. In a special variant of: “everything you say, I can do better” Lucid promises to complete the Air from 0-100 km / h in 2.5 seconds. Not only that, there is also talk of a top speed of more than 320 kilometers per hour, powerful figures!

Bigger, better, faster, stronger?

Delivery Lucid Air

The models will be produced in Lucid’s brand new factory in Casa Grande Arizona. Customers can expect the first Air’s in the beginning of 2021.

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